With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to think about delicious meals to impress your guests. Whether you prefer traditional or original dishes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in one of the Steffen Group’s stores. Tom Steffen, head of the family business, talks to us about this special time.

More than ever, we need to share moments with family, parties with friends and meals with colleagues. At the heart of these social gatherings is a common element: a good meal. The Steffen Group, an institution in the country, offers to assist Luxembourgers in the organisation of any end-of-year event. Whether it’s catering products, butcher’s meat or delicatessen dishes: you’ll inevitably find what you need in one of their shops.

“We are entering the busiest time of the year. The first two weeks of December are often very busy for our events department. Our catering service is in full swing with company meals and corporate events. Then, in mid-December, our butcher’s shops are particularly busy with numerous orders. Over the holidays, we have no less than 2,000 orders, and there is something for everyone. Poultry, stewed meats, stuffed quails: the tastes are more diversified than before. The range of tastes is much wider than it used to be, but we’re here to meet every need,” explains Tom Steffen, who now runs the family business.

A new feature on the shelves of the caterer is the boxed set. And the least we can say is that this new offer is very popular. “It is an individual box made of recycled cardboard that contains a meal divided into 3 or 5 separate dishes. All the dishes are made by our caterers and they are designed so that the customer has to do as little preparation as possible. In short, all they have to do is heat up the pot and disgorge. What could be better for the holidays?

With just a few days to go before the start of the busiest period in their sector, the manager is impatient but also a little stressed. “It’s true that these next few weeks are going to be full of energy and laughter. But everything is done in a good mood. We are lucky enough to be able to invite ourselves to our clients’ table, to intrude on their intimacy, and this is not something that is given to everyone. It’s a great responsibility, but above all it’s an immense joy.