As the festive season approaches, the Emile Weber group is presenting its solutions for getting home safely. By bus, by shuttle or even by taxi: everything is possible with the Luxembourg group.

The end-of-year celebrations are approaching and with them their sometimes very drunken staff parties, family meals that end up at the coffee shop and drunken and intoxicating student dances. So many situations in which taking the road is a danger. The Emile Weber Group wants to help people get home safely.

“The Emile Weber group wants to offer a complete range of mobility services so that everyone can get home safely, day and night,” explains Cyrille Horper, head of communication and marketing for the group’s mobility division.

He continues: “As far as buses are concerned, our fleet runs during the day, but also at night, with our Nightlifebus network. We also offer shuttle services, which employers can book for their employees, for example. And if the commuter is not happy with all this, we still have our taxi service, Webtaxi. It is also possible to add intermediate stops to a trip so that a journey can be shared, for example between friends.

Luxembourg, a model for its neighbours

As a reminder, the Emile Weber group currently employs 1,300 people and has a fleet of 700 vehicles that criss-cross the Luxembourg territory every day. For 115 years, the family company has been working for mobility and has evolved over the generations. “We have gone from the stagecoach in 1875 to buses that now run on electricity. In general, Luxembourg’s mobility policy over the last few years has enabled us to become a model country. It is interesting to see that foreign journalists come here to see how we operate and to set up reports”, Cyrille Horper continues, before concluding: “there are still challenges for the future. On the one hand, I am thinking of the electrification of our fleet, which is only possible if we invest in the necessary infrastructure, and on the other hand, we have to deal with increasing traffic congestion. But it is precisely these challenges that make mobility so interesting!